Melissa J. Alcorn

Attorney Melissa Alcorn has been practicing law for over ten years, specializing in transactions and contracts. Prior to relocating to Colorado in 2013 after a decade of road trips to the Uncompahgre Valley, she was the in-house intellectual property and technology transfer counsel for a mid-sized, nonprofit research foundation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Melissa’s background is in contracts and licensing in nonprofit organizations.  This experience has prepared her for handling the contracts, business documents, and related legal issues of Western Slope entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses. From confidentiality agreements to protect initial ideas, to business formation and beyond, her transaction practice involves the full spectrum of agreements and documents necessary to make businesses and municipalities function smoothly and efficiently.

Having spent most of her career in the medical field, she enjoys working with healthcare clients to navigate compliance matters, resolve issues of structure and procedure, and generally stay within the current legal and regulatory framework to provide excellent services to our communities.

Coming from a background involving administrative law and procedure, she finds it particularly rewarding to serve local municipalities, both home rule and statutory, as legal counsel. Drafting ordinances and code provisions, working with staff on procedures, and providing legal analysis of unique matters affecting Colorado towns and cities are all routine parts of her practice.

As a climbing, fishing, kayaking, backpacking, skiing, and general outside playing enthusiast, she is especially passionate about matters of water, environmental law and conservation.