Masters Law Firm, P.C. Fees

We recognize that legal fees are of concern for our clients.   And rightfully so.

While we may not be able to predict exactly how much the legal fees and costs will be for a complex litigation matter, we can discuss the likely course of action, and, in many matters, we can provide a general idea or range of expected fees and costs based upon certain assumptions.

Importantly, we can explain what we do to control costs.  We communicate the fee arrangement up front and throughout the representation.  If the bill is growing, you know sooner not later.  With litigation matters, there are often decision points at which our client will decide how they wish for us to proceed.  These decision points can include matters such as whether to depose certain individuals, or whether to file a complex motion.  At these points we review with our clients the advantages and likely costs associated with a potential course of action, and the client makes the decision as to how we should proceed.

Our Representation Letter Agreement

Our representation and fee agreement states the basis upon which our fees will be billed, as well as any retainer fee that may be required.  The retainer is deposited into in our trust account (an approved Colorado Lawyers Trust Account Fund “COLTAF” account), and held as a deposit against the final bill.

We want clients to understand exactly how legal fees are billed; we urge clients to let us know if they have any questions concerning our fees or services.  A client should never be hesitant to ask us about legal fees – we work for the client, and they are entitled to understand precisely what is being done on their behalf.