Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

As Colorado real estate lawyers, we provide advice, transaction, and litigation representation for real estate matters including:

    • Construction defects,
    • Easements,
    • Zoning,
    • Land Use,
    • Liens,
    • Foreclosure,
    • Breach of Contract,
    • Warranty Matters,
    • Commercial and Residential Lease Disputes, and
    • Condominium Disputes

We also serve as a Colorado homeowners’ association attorneys, local municipality attorneys, and local counsel for non-Colorado clients.

We Understand What is Needed to Resolve Complex Real Estate Litigation Matters

When the interests of our clients have been damaged or threatened by others, we are there to advocate on their behalf when necessary.  Real estate matters can often be complex, and can require experts, including contractors, economists, and real estate professionals to provide professional opinions on matters such as construction defects and property valuation.  We retain professionals when needed to help advance the cases of our clients.

Find Out How We Can Help You

If you or your business are in need of experienced real estate attorneys in southwest Colorado, please contact us.  We can meet with you at your convenience for a consultation.  Once we learn about your matter and objectives, we can explain how we will develop and pursue a strategy desired to accomplish your objectives in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner possible.