Homeowners Associations

In the past several decades, many new common interest communities have been developed in Western and Southwest Colorado.  By virtue of the Colorado Common Interest Community Act, many of those communities have unit owner or homeowner associations.

Homeowner and unit owner associations can be desirable, as the rules and regulations they enforce typically help to maintain property values.  Such rules and regulations can also serve to promote the enjoyment of property.

Homeowners Association Matters

Owner associations usually require ongoing legal advice and representation concerning a variety of governance and other matters.  Recent amendments to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act require owner associations to adopt “responsible governance policies.”  Failure to adopt and enforce such policies may have adverse consequences.  We are available to provide advice, counsel, and legal representation to owner associations in matters concerning:

  • Assessment collection and litigation,
  • Challenges to and Amendments of Governing Documents, including, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions,
  • Liens against non-complying property owners,
  • Governance matters,
  • Non-profit creation,
  • Taxes, and
  • General Representation.

Find Out How We Can Help With HOA Representation

To find out more about common interest community and owner association practice, please call us so that we can learn about your association.